SF Team IMG 07.09

MD5 36853eb0e3399b2cd6d0982429835c53 *sf_img_0709.img

-Beta 105_5.5
-Enigma CVS 0709
-New Setup Emu menu for setting Emu, AddOn, ...
(Extra Menu - HDD Setting, ...)
-Support for AddOn on USB Flash Disk (/usb)
-Gbox in Flash
-New Radegast v2.2 in Flash
(Big Thx Kindzadza, http://www.dreamsat.ru/radweb/)
(Netpilot - sharing card for more users)
-EMU Romu 1.02 beta2 in Flash
-LCD MultiBoot
-Service Menu IP
-Upgrage Firmware over Internet from http://www.satforum.cz/dream/updates/catalog.xml
-New Upgrage HDD/USB Flash AddOn over Internet
(Basic, News, Games, Skin and Locales, Browser, SSH)
-Update SoftCam.Key over Internet
(Multi URL script - /var/tuxbox/config/keyupdate.xml)
-Backup Satellite Setting and System Registry
-MultiLanguage on /hdd (/usb) as AddOn
-Games Doom on /hdd (/usb) as AddOn
(is going start, unstable)
-WWW Browser Links on /hdd (/usb) as AddOn
-New SSH Client on /hdd (/usb) as AddOn
-New LCD OSD Menu