Hi !
This is a DREAM, once a famous man said that line MLK
Well I have testet this image, and I have never had such a smooth operation going on this DB
No problem in installing and no problem with runing the image.

I copied into the temp folder, renamed the image to root.cramfs
Did a manual update with the remote.
Did flasherase on the way up again.
Copied in my own favorite lists after giving the nettwork an IP

My experience so far regarding installing, zapping and EMU`s is that this must be the best Image I have tested so far.
I havent had luck running my original Canal Digital card so far in any of the other images I have tested, but this one: No Problemas.

I do not use Hdd, only USB.
So this one I can recommend to U M8`s.
A great Thx to PP & Junior PP

Can be downloaded from the Norwegian ,

Welcome to PP image update
+ Radegast [v2.2alpha10KT]
+ Xcam [v1.03]
+ Ucas [25.10.03]
+ Newcamd
+ Evocamd [v2.4]
+ Plugins:
EXTRAMENU (available to download)
AUTOSATXML v1.2 (available to download)
REGVIEWER v1.0 (available to download)

+ internet keyupdate
+ internet addonupdate
+ Hotbird scanning fix (11262H)
+ languages added

Is it in more detail described in file README, is also available
as "/var/doc/readme.txt".
Use `more /var/doc/readme.txt' to view it.