You'll find there an installer script which enables you to boot the ufs910 from an external usb-stick. The download contains only free files, the original system is copied from the box to the stick.You need a specially prepared usb-stick to run the installer. At least it needs two partitions:

* /dev/sda1 (fat32)
* /dev/sda2 (will be formated to ext2 during installation)

Copy the files from the download to the fat32 partition and put the stick into the ufs910.Change the directory to the stick (/tmp/usb/0) and run

This stick contains no changes against the originial fw, but on the stick you'll find some utils to work inside the box (mc nano tar bash ping telnet ftp ssh ldd) and you can configure the network settings by script (or just edit a central config file). The stick system supports nfs connections and dns so it could be base for further mods and development.