*** KathiUp V.1.1.0

Added Option: Environment - Display & Set Environment variables and their values.
After clicking on "Connect" button and turning on Katherine, so after you get
"Ping result: OK, box is alive and speaking to us ;-)" message
KathiUp form will be extended on right and Environment Frame will appiar
in which variables implied in envioronment will be written
If everything is OK, you wil get message: "All Environment Variables are OK ",
but if some value is missing, you will get message: "WARNING , One of Environment Variables is Empty !!!"
which means that you should write that value in empty field or, if you are not sure what you should write,
click on "Default value" button and default values will be loaded.
After this, click SetEnv button.
Now, you can couninue with flashing procedure as described in ver. 1.0.0

Please run the libraryfiles.exe to install the appropiate library files.